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Questions? We have Answers

We are located at 376 Jefferson Rd, in Jefferson Plaza, across the street from Altitude and right next door to Tandoor of India.

Absolutely!  Most of our guests are new to VR so we will go over some general rules, explain how the controllers work, what to expect when you put the headset on and offer some advice with which games to start with first.

Think of the station as being your gaming area.  There is room for one person to be in and using the gaming area at a time. If you are sharing a station with other players, you are sharing that gaming area, equipment and time purchased for that station.

The quick answer is… if you are susceptible to motion sickness, then yes.  

The HTC Vive headsets that we use, along with our gaming PCs, results in low latency and good refresh rates, which allows for players to experience little to no motion sickness. We do offer a variety of games with little movement that helps ease the motion feeling.

It really depends on the size of your frames.  We find that most frames fit in the headsets. Wide frames, particularly those with winged tips, do not fit.  If you have contacts, we highly recommend you us them instead of your glasses.

No way!  You can play as many games as you want as your time allows.  Keep in mind that switching games takes time, so the more times you change games the more time you could be playing.

The recommended age is 10 years and older, however we have had younger play.  Players need to be independent learners and able to follow instructions without seeing the person giving the instructions.. this goes for adults too.   If the player cannot follow direction they are not a good fit to play VR.

You sure can!  We have over 20 multiplayer/coop games, that you can play with or against someone in the arcade or online verse whoever else is playing.  To play with someone in the arcade each player will need their own station and we can get everyone connected into the same game.

We are a locally owned family business that started as an idea while on a family vacation July 2017, worked through the details, built a business plan and we opened March 17, 2018.